Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is commonly known, is the technology of today. AI is no longer the realm of science fiction, for it is almost everywhere these days. Some of you may know about its applications in our daily life, while the others might not be aware that you are using it in some way or the other. And we do not blame it on you for AI is a vast field, and it encompasses many subsets and types. We have been discussing the difference between AI, machine learning, and deep learning. And then we also made you familiar with the 3 types of AI. How about discussing the applications of Artificial Intelligence this time? Since AI has a very bright future, you need to be familiar with the applications of AI in different fields of life. Read through to quench your spirit of inquiry.

Buddy, The Robot

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are the three terms which have become the buzzwords in the contemporary. And why not, for you will find their applications in almost every sphere of life. Be it your mobile phones, or every online portal you visit, AI is all around. On an advanced level, it is enhancing the world of robotics to create some of the most intelligent robots ever. And here we will be sharing some of the coolest robots in the world. Have a look to find out!

Graphic Design Trends 2018

Trends are an integral part of almost every single industry in the world. Be it fashion, music, or technology, you cannot overlook these trends if you want to thrive. And graphic designing is no exception to it. The industry is evolving with time and has changed a lot from the days of its advent. Whilst it's 2018, how about talking about some of the most inspiring trends in graphic designing?

3 Types of AI

Artificial Intelligence is all around these days! It is being deployed in your mobile phones, in different applications, and every other device that you use. The future of AI is bright for it is associated with developing machines to imitate human cognitive abilities that involve learning and problem-solving. In one of our previous articles, we shared the differences between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. And here we will be sharing the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence! Read through to get yourself intrigued.

Ant PC Offer

Ant PC is establishing itself as one of the leading makers of custom-built PCs in the country. Providing the best configurations at the most economical prices, the company has now been associated with some of the leading names in the industry. Be it gaming PCs, or professional workstations, the company caters to both the segments. And this time, Ant PC has done something really impressive for its gaming audience. The company has launched a range of gaming rigs at prices amazingly low! It’s more of a now-or-never offer as the quantity is limited to 50 units per model.