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Video Editing

Video editing is the process of putting together, rearranging different shots and scenes, adding different computer-generated imagery (CGI) or cleaning up and finalizing a video for output. From amateurs to high end professionals to top cinematic production houses both Hollywood and Bollywood, Video Editing is used everywhere.

Goals of Editing

  • Select the best footage
  • Get rid of the unwanted scenes and shots
  • Create a proper and continuous flow
  • Add effects, graphics, music, style, pace and mood in the footage

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Ant PC Video Editing Workstations

In today’s time, editing is used everywhere at every segment of the industry. Ant PC Video Editing workstations are designed to cut down the rendering time and are capable of handling the most intensive multi-layer effects easily and effortlessly.

At Ant PC, we understand that editing is a continuous process and requires powerful computers and smooth functioning workstations. So, we’ve created and optimized and specialized computers for Video Editing. Our custom-built Myrmica series come with the best configuration catering to everyone’s varied demands and requirements.

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Our Features

  • Extensively customizable
  • Stress Tested
  • Performance Grade Cooling
  • On-site warranty*
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • 80 plus quality checks

Our Experts!

At Ant PC, our experts are thoroughly versed with all the system’s hardware and software aspects. We understand the multiple challenges faced by you and are ready to guide you at every step throughout your process of building an ideal workstation. CONSULT an ANT PC SPECIALIST.

We always have your back!

Our responsibilities don’t end just by delivering an Ant PC at your doorstep. We keep you covered throughout by proffering lifetime technical support on every Ant PC your purchase. Whenever you have any issue, feel free to reach us at our toll-free number (+91-888 012 6872) and we’ll be happy to help you!

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