About Our Company

We at Ant-PC are driven by our passion of advanced computing and technology. We hold the highest standards when it comes to building High Performance and Reliable Custom PCs in India. We provide custom solutions ranging from Workstation PCs for Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Video Editing etc. to High Performance Gaming PCs crafted as per your computing requirements. We make sure that what you want can be a one of a kind solution. Ant PC offers market first upto 3 Years of onsite warranty and life time technical support for your assurance and great experience.
Lifetime Technical Support
24 Hours Burn In Test
3 Year Onsite Warranty *
80+ Quality Check

Our passion

Your Computing,Our Priority

Here at Ant-PC, we are driven by our passion to innovate and integrate. Our team of experts have been handpicked for their drive for high performance computing. This is why we are here to share our wisdom with you when you are looking for your dream PC. We pride ourselves for providing personal attention to you for building your very own device. We listen to your requirements and we cater to all functional and non-functional needs when it comes to your PC. Because if there is one thing we love to talk about, It’s our PCs.

Our Amazing Customers !

Ant PC is the leading contributor of Fast and Reliable Custom Built Workstations and Gaming PCs. We cater to major award-wining VFX artists, Research Organisations, animators & editors, top universities, leading architectural firms and renowned professionals just like you. organizations choose Ant PC because they hunt for perfect reliable and high-performance solutions for their high-end computing tasks. Ant PC is the definition of next generation high performance custom built computing.

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