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Gaming PC Parts You Need To Focus On: Get The Perfect Build!

  • 30-06-2022 12:10:15

At present, gamers enthusiastically look ahead to play different high-end games that interest them the most. It has indeed become one of the favorite hobbies among players. To enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, having an Extreme Gaming PC along with all top-of the-line peripherals is of paramount importance. If you are new to the Gaming World, perhaps ‘Which PC SHOULD I BUY?’ is the first and foremost question that probably arises in your mind. It’s undeniably a pivotal query and also complicated to answer. In this guide, we have discussed a few crucial parts that you need to focus on that will help you pick out your customized gaming PC perfectly.

Let’s take a look at the major parts you should consider when buying a Gaming PC:

Computer Chassis

Among all, ‘Gaming Computer Case’ is one of the most significant parts which are comparatively cheaper than others. Whilst selecting the chassis along with additional fans or cooling systems, don’t forget to consider the size of your motherboard. The spectrum of motherboard sizes from smallest to largest is Mini-ITX > M-ATX > ATX > EATX. Besides, there are also a few things such as Form Factor, Graphic Card Length, etc. that should not be overlooked.


Known as the silicon soul of the PC, the ‘CPU’ is hugely important in order to complete a gaming setup. Indeed, it’s the differentiator of a highly capable gaming machine. In this, the ‘Core Count & Thread Count’ and ‘Clock Speed’ are crucial factors that you should take into consideration. It’s something that will help you opt for the right CPU depending on your specific needs.

GPU (Graphics Card/Video Card)

The GPU or Graphics Processing Unit Plays an essential role in gaming performance. While the CPU or Central Processing Unit tracks data, the GPU is the one responsible for taking this data & displaying it on your computer screen. You may know or not, they both work closely together. And, if in case, your CPU is not processing properly, it can cause Lag or Lower Frame Rates. When selecting it, you should pay attention to all its important parts including GPU Memory, Ports, Monitor Fresh Rate, Power Supply, etc. It is something that will allow you to enjoy any game with high-end 4k and VR gaming experience.


Under GPU & CPU, RAM plays the next most important role in the performance of your rig. The needs of your RAM depend on what tasks you are looking to perform with your gaming PC. Most users opt for 8GB - 16GB of RAM while selecting 16GB RAM is best for a high-end workstation for different purposes such as Graphics Design, Video Editing, Rendering, 3 D Design & Animation, and many more. You may know or not, it’s easy to upgrade your RAM if your needs change.

Hard Drive

Also, ‘Hard Drive’ is another crucial part of a gaming PC. It’s a storage device that can store images, games, movies, music, and other files. To choose the right one, do not forget to consider a few things including Capacity, SSD (Solid State Drive), and more.


Cooling is essential to keep your CPU’s/GPU’s thermal output in check and it helps you perform system-intensive tasks in a high-temperature environment. For most game enthusiasts or gamers, air cooling will suffice. Paying attention to some pivotal points such as Air Cooling, Liquid Cooling, Fan Size, Case Size, etc. will be beneficial when buying your gaming setup.

Final Words

For enjoying high-end 4k and VR gaming experience, having an Extreme Gaming PC on your side is of paramount significance. And, if you are also looking forward to buying a complete gaming set-up but not sure where to start, then Ant PC is the renowned name that you can count on.



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