Ant PC is the first and currently the only Custom PC/System Integrator in India. Following the trends of the more developed nations, our idea is to introduce the concept of custom built systems with proper service and support into the Indian market.

Our Idea is to build an easy to use, simple platform for the masses, to help them configure their own dream machines based on their usage requirements and with a touch of personalization when it comes to aesthetics.

The demographic in India being price concise, based on our research; we have designed pre-defined configurations from different price points for the customers to choose from and then customize according to their needs, making it a hassle free process.

With e-commerce sales soaring higher than ever in a country with over 1 billion people. We want to give the customer the option to sit at home and choose/customize their system and get the finalized product delivered right to their doorstep.

We aspire to pioneer this concept and set a benchmark for the Indian market.


Our goal is clear, we want to change the way people buy computers in India. Introduce a new platform, similar to what our fellow humans in more developed countries have the pleasure of utilizing.

With an experience in the retail and distribution industry of over 20 years, we have a really good idea on what the Indian market requires.

A fresh and futuristic way of customizing your very own PC, with solid support and reliability, ANT PC is light years ahead of the competition, if any!

We provide secure doorstep delivery, reliable on call Tech Support and 1 year onsite warranty to keep our clients in their comfort zone with no hassle or worries, for us providing reliability and building trust is key.

Our biggest advantage is the configurator itself. It is tuned to guide the customer through the system building process, with proper recommendations for compatible parts. It will help makes sure that you build a complete system based on your requirement.

We have also built a set of predefined configurations on various platforms to start off from, we makes sure all compatible components are made available during the configuration process based on your choice of platform.

The configurator is easy to use, even for people who are not very well-versed with system integration and configuration. We have also provided pre-defined well optimized system configurations for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of customizing a system, they can simply pick what they like, add to cart and then check out.