about us

Our Motto

Building Your Dream PC.

Our team at Ant-PC is driven through our passion for advanced computing and technology. We hold the highest standards when it comes to building PCs. Our team consists of professionals are here to listen to what you need. We make sure that we provide the best solutions while making user that you remain under your budget. We learn about what you do, we listen to what you need and we tell you if there is anything that you don’t need.

Designed to be

Not everyone lives the same way. However small we all have our differences in our way of life. Here at Ant-PC we have embraced the power of diversity and we work hard to encourage it. Which is why our custom solutions are designed to your specification. With billions of possible hardware combinations available to your disposal; we can build PCs that are specifically made to your criteria. We make sure that what you want can be a one of a kind solution. We can make sure that what we build for you is truly unique.

Built By Experts +

Lifetime Support

As we said earlier, “We are service providers”. Once own an Ant-PC, you become a part of our family; and we take care of our own. Our ‘Lifetime Support’ guarantees a one end solution to all of your computing problems. We will be here to resolve all of your technical issues regarding your computer.


Our assembly is handled by professionals that religiously follow the belief that a clean build is a good build. These individuals handle only one PC at a time. They make sure that each PC is not just a fine tuned machine.


Each PC is a fine tuned computing machine. What we promise with each machine is performance. The guarantee that each machine will match if not exceed your expectation.


Our work is of precision and deliverance. Before we dispatch any product, we take it through its paces to make sure that we deliver what we have promised. We take the product through various benchmark tests to make sure that your PC will not cause any limitations or bottlenecks while you are using it.


As service providers, we seek to make sure that you have everything you need. We are here to make sure that you are never denied anything when it comes to your computing needs. This is why we are here to provide a one stop shop for all you need.