3D Modelling
& Rendering

Your creativity is only limited by the technology that you use. Here at Ant-PC we make sure that you can let your imagination run wild and you can ultimately bring that into this realm. With the right mix of hardware and keeping in mind the ever looming limitation of price, we can still promise the best you can get.

Visual Designing
& effects

It is imperative for one to express themselves. A visual artist knows that better than anyone else. As one’s mind wishes to speak you seek a way to let yourself free. We at Ant-PC cherish your ability to communicate through sight and we look to enhance that. Our solutions make sure that you do not feel contained while creating your masterpieces.


At the forefront of any revolutionary innovation, is Research. It has provided us as a modern civilization the ability to make informed decisions. The compilation of years of data allows us to learn from our past and make better decisions for our future. We at Ant-PC applaud this section of society and hence, look to provide the best suited machines to conduct your work.


As a professional and as a casual, you still require the best there is. As game developers push the boundaries you look to more advance machinery. This usually ends up hurting your pocket more than it should. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of building the perfect Gaming Rig.

virtual reality

The latest revolution that unlocked a plethora application opportunities such as Gaming, Medical Science, Engineering design, Architecture and many more. Virtual Reality is allowing us to have a truly immersive experience. Such experiences still require a great deal of computing power but not as much as you might think; and we can show you how such technology can be within your reach.