“Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” ~ Walt Disney. 

It is indeed the curiosity of man that has led him to create technological marvels and make discoveries that have helped him in everything from daily chores to outer space flights. Be it any sphere of life, research and advancements keep on happening every minute, every hour.

Since 2013, India has seen a new breed of computing enthusiast. With the rise of Major League Gaming (M.L.G.), the young Indian gamer understands the need of high performance components and the affect it has on one’s gaming experience.

With a never ending console war between gamers and diehard fans on both far end corners, PS and Xbox seems to be at odds from each other over who can deliver the better gaming experience. In such situations, PC fans can usually be spotted with a big tub of popcorn and a grin on their face.

So now you’re all grown up. You’ve started wearing your big boy pants and you tie your shoe laces by yourself. You’re parents are very proud and you have started to make a good living. It feels like you’re the king of everything. You know everything.

So now you want to reward yourself by buying a new computer. So how do you get things done? You go out, buy a black box and start jamming things in it until it starts to look like that computer that your dad bought you.

Virtual Reality

It has not been too long since we’ve seen the availability of Virtual Reality in India actually became a reality. When the Indian gaming community along with the community of tech enthusiasts has had been looking towards the latest generation of curved screens. The era of Virtual Reality has caused a major shift in the interest. With a unique and immersive experience, the user gets to dive into a world that completely absorbs him.

Best Gaming Laptop

So basically, a laptop is just a PC made for people that have commitment issues. Well, it’s not entirely their problem.

People that generally use laptops are generally, almost, always on the move. With nearly no certain place to call their own, a barer of a laptop seeks refuge on the first sign of solace.