Stress Testing

Welcome to Ant PC! Since you’ve reached here, I hope you are familiar with Ant PC as well as stress testing. And if not, that's okay as well! At Ant PC you might have seen us claiming that we perform rigorous testing on our systems in order to proffer you only with the best ones! And that is what we exactly do! Stress testing is one of the most important parameters to check whether all the hardware is working properly. The process involves thorough testing in order to check the stability of the system and determine the modes of failure. The system is often tested to a breaking point so as to observe the results. Everything is taken into consideration, right from the weak points like faulty hardware to the requirement of a better cooling system.  And here we will be discussing how we perform stress testing at Ant PC. Read through to find it out!

Desktop VS. Laptop

There has always been a debate whether laptops are better than workstations, or vice versa. Laptops give you mobility, hence the liberty of working wherever you want to. On the other hand, workstations come with benefits of their own like being more powerful than laptops, when it comes to performance. But if we speak of 3D Animation, a field that has a very bright future in the coming years, which of the two would work better for you? Should you choose a workstation or a laptop to let your creativity run wild? Well, we have tried and tested several parameters and found that workstations work better than laptops when it comes to 3D Animation and rendering. Here we will be discussing all those factors which make a workstation much better than a laptop for your 3D animation and rendering endeavors.

Video Editing Software 2018

This is the age of videos! There’s plenty of video content on all social media platforms these days. Whether it’s YouTube or Facebook, the video content has taken all over us. Since you understand this thing; you’ve landed at the perfect spot! In our previous article, we talked about the features to look for in video editing software, and here we will be discussing the best video editing software in 2018. These have been tested on different parameters and hence a final list has been created.

Enough said, here are the best video editing software in 2018 you must consider trying! Go ahead, give it a read!

Video Editing Software

No wonder video editing software will make your work quite easier, picking the right one is very important. You have to keep a few things in mind while you shop for video editing software. Here are the features you should look for in video editing software. Read through to find out.

Photography Trends

“Photography is the beauty of capturing life.”

 ~Tara Chisholm

The combination of science, art, practice, and application of creating images is called photography. The invention of the camera indeed was a breakthrough and one of the greatest inventions in the history. After all, it finally became possible to capture memories! And today, photography has reached a whole new level. While 2017 was a great year for photography, much is expected from 2018. The future of photography is very bright and since digital technologies are on the boom, the industry goes on to flourish. According to the research of BBC, it has been approximated that the value of the market of digital photography would cross the $100 billion mark in 2018, as it is growing at the rate of 3.8%. And here we will be discussing the top emerging photography trends that are quite likely to rule in 2018.