Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are the three terms which have become the buzzwords in the contemporary. And why not, for you will find their applications in almost every sphere of life. Be it your mobile phones, or every online portal you visit, AI is all around. On an advanced level, it is enhancing the world of robotics to create some of the most intelligent robots ever. And here we will be sharing some of the coolest robots in the world. Have a look to find out!


Having A Look At The Coolest Robots In The World

Sophia, The Humanoid Robot

She made her first public appearance in the year 2016. Sophia is a humanoid robot who can depict more than 50 expressions. The robot has been developed by Hanson Robotics. Sophia has been modeled after the legendary Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. The robot makes use of AI, facial recognition, and visual data processing to interact with people. She also deploys voice recognition designed by Alphabet Inc. The creators of Sophia state that she can serve as a companion for the elderly at nursing homes, and be helping people in crowds. The robot made quite a buzz when she appeared on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. The audience was shocked when she very clearly stated her idea of world domination though in a playful way.

FUN FACT! She is the first robot ever to be given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

Buddy, Your Companion Robot

Don’t we all want a robot that would take our orders and help us in our daily chores? Well, Blue Frog’s Buddy is one! He is your smart in-home assistant who can become anything from your security guard to the smart alarm clock, a walking talking calendar, and control IoT devices. He is basically programmed to improve your everyday life. He is there to entertain you with music and videos, become your assistant in the kitchen, or make your kids have fun! How about getting connected with your loved ones via video calling? Buddy is always at your service!

Caution: Although Buddy is so cool, this robot is not to be trusted. Who knows he gets you killed by letting the robot-dogs in while you’re asleep?

The Ping Pong Bot

Next, on our list, we have the AI-powered robot, the Ping Pong Bot. It has been developed by the global tech company Omron. This robot has been designed with a softer and more innocuous approach. The creators wanted to follow the idea of harmony between machines and humans. As the name suggests, the Ping Pong Bot is designed to play ping-pong. Although there are machines like TrainerBot are already there, the Ping Pong Bot gives you the feeling of playing against a real opponent. It makes use of a robotic arm controlled by the Artificial Intelligence via a 5-axis motor system in order to make the paddle swing. The motion controller acts as the brain of the robot and guides it how to hit the ball within a 1000th of a second. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sony’s New AIBO Bot

If you are a dog lover, then you are very likely to fall in love with this robot. Created by the electronic and tech giant Sony, AIBO is a robotic dog. Actually, the word AIBO itself translates to partner or pal in Japanese. The first model of this series was launched in 1998, but the company announced a whole new generation of AIBO in November 2017. Now let’s talk what AIBO can do. The robot is programmed to learn from its environment and build relationships with people. AIBO is responsive to your voice commands and is very expressive. You can buy this one if you are looking for an obedient pet!

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