Trends are an integral part of almost every single industry in the world. Be it fashion, music, or technology, you cannot overlook these trends if you want to thrive. And graphic designing is no exception to it. The industry is evolving with time and has changed a lot from the days of its advent. Whilst it's 2018, how about talking about some of the most inspiring trends in graphic designing?



Top Graphic Design Trends to Look For in 2018

 Building Responsive Logos

It’s a quite known fact that responsive designs have become the industry standard over the years. Ever since mobile phones came into the picture and mobile browsing became to surge, the need and demand for responsive logos have increased as well. Dear graphic designers take this thing into account and start working on responsive logos. Renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Chanel, Disney, etc. have already started refreshing their logo designs to meet the demands of today. Keep this aspect in mind while you design a logo!

Adding More Depth

It won’t be wrong to say that shadows have made their way back in 2018. You might have also seen them a lot lately! It has been quite a long time that shadows have been disregarded, but that won’t happen in 2018. Depth has always been a valuable tool for determining input fields, visual hierarchy, and calls to action on the screen. Designers can experiment with all types such as long shadows to bring more dimensions to your designs.

80’s and 90’s Find a Way Back!

Olden trends somehow make their way back to the current times. And this year, patterns and palettes of the 80’s and 90’s have found their way in the present graphic designing trends. We bet you remember the electric hues and pretty pastels of those times. Guess what? Get ready to incorporate these into your work to attract your viewers. People are being repellent to ultra-flat designs, and shifting towards to geometric and abstract patterns. Also, in the contemporary, kids of 80’s and 90’s are becoming more prominent leaders, and form the large portion of your target audience. Hence, it is a good time you hit them with some serious nostalgia!

Gradients or Color Transitions

How can one not remember the extensive impact and usage of gradients in the not-so-distant past? You might have spotted these almost everywhere, right from page headers, to website buttons, PowerPoint presentations, and what not! Alas, due to the rise of the trend of flat designs in 2007, gradients were lost and forgotten for some time! But, gradients are back. No, they won’t be replacing flat designs, but acting as an enhancement to these designs. Thus, the design is being called ‘semi-flat design’, or ‘flat 2.0’.

Because GIFs and Animations are Everywhere!

Since video content is taking social media by the storm these days, designers should pay more attention to GIFs and animations. People want something more engaging, so you should pay more attention to this. As graphic designers may know, microinteraction is gaining much popularity in the recent times, why not use it in your work to make users more engaged. This will be a good practice for UX, and one of the biggest UX trends, so far. Brands like Google and Uber have been widely deploying this technique!

So, all you budding designers out there get yourself updated with these trends and keep on leaving us visually intrigued!