Artificial Intelligence is all around these days! It is being deployed in your mobile phones, in different applications, and every other device that you use. The future of AI is bright for it is associated with developing machines to imitate human cognitive abilities that involve learning and problem-solving. In one of our previous articles, we shared the differences between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. And here we will be sharing the 3 types of Artificial Intelligence! Read through to get yourself intrigued.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Weak Artificial Intelligence: Also known as Narrow Artificial Intelligence, weak AI is focused on performing a specific task. AI systems based on weak AI are trained and developed for a single function. The context of weak AI is limited but good at routine cognitive and physical jobs. Weak AI can perform tasks like pattern identification, finding correlation from data better than humans. A very common example of weak AI is Google’s Translation Engine. Other examples include self-driving cars which are a result of coordination of several weak AIs. Weather forecasts, purchase predictions, and sales predictions all fall under the category of weak AI. Here lie the catch and constraint with this type of AI that is you cannot take tasks and expand beyond its field. For instance, you cannot expect an AI engine that performs the task of image recognition to perform the task of sales recommendation. 

Artificial General Intelligence: Artificial General Intelligence is focused on involving tasks that a human being can perform. It is basically an AI system which entails generalized cognitive abilities in order to find solutions to the different unfamiliar tasks it encounters. Because of its approach, Artificial General Intelligence is also known as ‘Strong AI’, or ‘Full AI’. The machines based on Artificial General Intelligence are able to perform general intelligent actions. Several tests have been conducted in order to confirm human-level AGI, such as the Turing test, the Employment Test, the Robot College Student Test, the Coffee Test, and the Flat Pack Furniture Test. The major goal of Artificial General Intelligence is to develop a platform that simulates human reasoning and generalizes through a wide range of circumstances, i.e. an amalgam of Strong and Broad.

Artificial Super Intelligence: The name says it all! Artificial Super Intelligence can be rightly called the highest form of AI. It is a state when machines and computers will surpass the human mind. This type of AI basically refers to a situation when the machines will become superior to humans. And there is a lot of controversy and debate related to Artificial Super Intelligence. One of the most prominent names in Science & Technology, Late cosmologist Stephen Hawking stated the threatening consequences of the full development of AI. On the other hand, CEO and Co-Founder of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis think that more advanced AI will prove to be a helping hand to the mankind. Researchers and developers continue to create intelligent robots. Some of the most popular ones include Sophia of Hanson Robotics, Sony Aibo, Kuri of Mayfield Robotics, etc. It will be very interesting to see where Artificial Super Intelligence will take us in the coming times!

The Conclusion

Discerning the pace at which technology is progressing these days, it doesn’t seem much difficult that one day AI would challenge even the brightest mind on earth. All we can do is keep on speculating!