In the last article, we talked about the top 5 3D animation software in 2018. We gave you information about the features of the software that will be ruling this year in the field of 3D animation. No wonder 3D animation has a bright present and an even brighter future, but 2D animation is also here to stay. And here we will be sharing the top 5 2D animation software in 2018. Go ahead, give it a read!


Top 5 2D Animation Software in 2018!

1. Synfig Studio

 Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Let us introduce you to the first placeholder on our list! Yes, Synfig Studio is definitely one of the best software for 2D animation in 2018. Well, we have all the right reason to say so. Synfig is a user-friendly 2D vector graphics computer animation software which comes with a variety of layers entailing everything from filters, to distortions, gradients, geometric, transformations, etc. The software allows you to create even the most complex of animations. You can easily sync animation with some of most interesting soundtracks.

2.  Moho (Anime Studio)

Operating System: Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows

Distributed by Smith Micro Software, Moho is vector-based 2D animation software which is undoubtedly most suitable for beginners. Some of the best features of the software include freehand drawing tools, character wizard, select switch window, and bone rigging animation support. The software is available in 2 versions, namely Anime Studio Pro and Anime Studio Debut. The debut version is devoid of some of the features that come along with Anime Studio Pro. Anime Studio Debut is also slightly restricted in terms of image size and possible length. On the other hand, the pro version no longer supports the Linux platform.

3.  Adobe Animate

Operating System: Windows, OS X

Third on our list is the very popular 2D animation software Adobe Animate. Developed by Adobe Systems, Animate is perfect for those who are into vector graphics and animation. With this software, you can easily create content for websites, rich internet apps, online videos, television programs, and video games. Apart from all these features, you can also add rich text, ActionScript scripting, raster graphics, audio and video embedding.

4.  Toonz/OpenToonz

Operating system: Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux

Toonz is basically a family of 2D animation software and OpenToonz is its base application. The 2D animation software is being developed by Dwango, a media company based out of Japan. OpenToonz can be called one of the leading 2D animation software in 2018 which comes with some of the most decent functionalities. You can perform motion tracking, effects and compositing, scripting, motion tweening, frame-to-frame animation, enjoy working indexed color palettes, scan and clean up, and a lot more. The popularity of the software can be understood by the fact that it has been used in the making of films and games like Anastasia, Futurama, Asterix Conquers America, and many others.

5. CrazyTalk Animator (CTA)

Operating System: OS X 10.6 and later, and Windows XP and later

Often hailed as the easiest 2D animation software in the world, CrazyTalk Animator is a program suitable for all levels of users. The latest version of the software, CTA3 allows you to easily bring logos, images, or props to life by making use of bouncy Elastic Motion effects. To create the characters, you can use 2D character templates, facial puppets, a powerful 2D bone rig editor, motion libraries, and lip-syncing tools for playing with the audio. CTA3 can be used to create animations for games, videos, apps, web, and presentations.