Animation is everywhere these days. And we all love it! It has become a way of depicting anything and everything, be it the fire-breathing dragons, or aliens from planets thousands of light-years away! With the evolution of technology, animation is also getting improved and becoming more realistic. In the initial years, everything was done by drawing images on a paper which was called classical animation. Then came 2D animation, and finally we have 3D animation these days. 3D animation has taken the world by the storm and for all the right reasons. The field is going to flourish even more in the coming days. Whilst you are into 3D animation or aspire to be, here we are going to share the top 5 3D animation software in 2018. Go ahead, give it a read!


The Top 5 3D Animation Software in 2018

1. Autodesk 3ds Max

Operating System: Windows 7 or Later

Formerly known as 3D Studio, Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the best software for 3D animation. It is in fact, great for professionals and is incredible for creating models, animation, images, and games. Produced and developed by Autodesk Media and Entertainment, this software has outstanding modeling capabilities. Autodesk 3ds Max comes with a flexible plugin architecture that can run on the platform of Microsoft Windows. You can also use the software for movie pre-visualization and effects. Newly added features include shaders, global illumination, dynamic simulation, new icons, radiosity, a scripting language of its own, and a lot more! Definitely one of the best 3D animation software in 2018!

2. Cinema 4D

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and AmigaOS

The second on our list is Cinema 4D. It also comes with an added advantage as it runs on Windows, MacOS, as well as AmigaOS. The software is designed and developed by the Germany based company, MAXON Computer GmbH. The software comes with some of the best functionalities and features which include polygonal modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, and everything required for 3D modeling. To excel in the field of 3D animation, Cinema 4D can definitely help!

3. Houdini

Operating System: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux

A 3D animation application software, Houdini is developed and designed by the Toronto based company, Side Effects Software. The software is undoubtedly one of the best available in the market as it covers all the major areas of 3D production, right from modeling, to dynamics, animation, rendering, Volumetrics, compositing, lighting, and plugin development. It is because of its versatility that it has been used for creating some of the very popular animated movies like Disney’s Frozen and Zootopia. If you are a professional, then this software is a must-have for you!

4. Autodesk Maya

Operating System: Windows 7 or later OS X 10.8 or later

While we are talking about 3D application, how can we not mention Autodesk Maya? The application is widely used in the field of entertainment for creating games, movies, and clips. It also finds its extensive usage in the field of architecture. The application manifests node graph architecture. All the elements of the scene are based on nodes, while each node possesses its own customization and attributes. The resulting representation is actually a network of nodes connected to each other. Use this software if you want to create some really impressive TV series, animated film, or visual effects.

5. Poser

Operating System: Windows, and OS X

Last but definitely not the least on our list is Poser. Distributed by Smith Micro Software, Poser is a 3D computer graphics application program. The software is specially designed for the 3D modeling of human figures. And because it made modeling intricate human figures so easy, it gained popularity among the beginners as they could work on the software without much hassle. You will find plenty of amazing features on the software along with a wide range of third-party digital models. You can load figures, play with lighting and props, and use cameras for still as well as animated renderings.

So, these are the top 5 3D animation software in 2018 you should definitely try! Stay tuned to Ant PC for more info and news! #jointhecolony