Since 2013, India has seen a new breed of computing enthusiast. With the rise of Major League Gaming (M.L.G.), the young Indian gamer understands the need of high performance components and the affect it has on one’s gaming experience.

With a never ending console war between gamers and diehard fans on both far end corners, PS and Xbox seems to be at odds from each other over who can deliver the better gaming experience. In such situations, PC fans can usually be spotted with a big tub of popcorn and a grin on their face.


Just as a PC fan, you will get the same answer every time…..

75 frames per second (75Hz), that’s what an average PC gamer sees on his or her monitor. In contrast to PS and Xbox, a PC can be subjected to limitless capability. The advantage being the ability to upgrade your PC from time to time in order to optimize it as per your needs; just a simple switch can do the trick. 

Be it 4K resolution or server emulation; a powerful PC is the need of the hour. With the rise in creativity and the ever-present domination in the IT sector, we are slowly, steadily but most importantly of all COMPREHENSIVELY!!!! understanding the need of performance components.

With most of the parts having to be imported and multiple layers of distributers, retailers and re-sellers; the price of a performance component usually ends up being a luxury affordable only for a select few.

But recently, a company by the name of Ant-PC seems to have it all figured out. With the right knowledge about the PCs that they make, the people at Ant have made a good impression on the gaming, designing and development community alike.

With the PCs that they provide, it seems that they have figured out the right blend of sugar, spice and everything nice. The ingredients to make the perfect computers; but, the decisive addition to the mix, their “chemical X” make the biggest difference of them all. The PRICE.

Ant-PC has seemingly rid itself of all the layers that come in between the end user and the importer. With no one to take the piece of the cake, Ant-PC has been able to make our dream of owning a powerful PC a small step closer to reality.

With an exclusive channel of supply with the manufacturer, Ant-PC can also get some impressive peripheral combos that give a unique and an undoubtedly better experience. With titles like Razer, SteelSeries and G.SKILL at their helm, they look like they mean real business.

The real fun part about getting a computer from ANT-PC is that they do not have a strict set of defined bundles; you could easily call them or drop them a mail and they’ll make a PC made in accordance to your specification. 

I can see ANT-PC becoming an easy choice for building customized computers at the best price in India.