So now you’re all grown up. You’ve started wearing your big boy pants and you tie your shoe laces by yourself. You’re parents are very proud and you have started to make a good living. It feels like you’re the king of everything. You know everything.

So now you want to reward yourself by buying a new computer. So how do you get things done? You go out, buy a black box and start jamming things in it until it starts to look like that computer that your dad bought you.


Well, unfortunately it’s no longer as easy as you thought. In the last five years alone, computing and computer assembly in general has become more sophisticated that one could possible imagine. This shift has brought about many changes in the ways people buy computers. It would not be surprising if you end up looking for tips for buying your PC.

Over time, PC building has become even more complicated. There are more factors that you have to consider than ever before.

It’s quite interesting to see that we are so dependent on commuters but when it comes to buying a new computer, we could never have been so oblivious to what actually goes into it and why.

We can try researching but that usually ends up confusing us even more. hence, we finally end up looking for experts that would have a better understanding of building computers from scratch, because let’s face it; we usually have no idea regarding what we’re doing.

With a better understanding of computers in respect to the way they work and what goes into them and why. These are the people you look for when you’re looking for tips for building your PC.

With the abundance of the information available over the internet, we can find some of these so called “EXPERTS” but unfortunately, there’s not much to back their claims. With so many posers and trolls running rampant over the internet, you can never be too sure about the authenticity ergo the reliability of the information and the advice that you receive. The best way is to find someone who does this for a living, someone who is so good at it that people actually pay to do what they do. Build PCs.


That is what the people at Ant-PC do. With an impeccable team of experts that actually have the best idea about what they do and they can be relied upon when you’re buying a new computer.