So you just bought the latest generation of games. With your state of the art hardware, you are ready to get wired in and go through the game in a single binge. You start the game. You set the settings to ultra and you start your campaign.


But wait, the load time is too long. You start to hear voices but nothing in the display. Well, the display is finally up but things seem to be out of place. The textures are not in the right place. The seamless definition that you expected to see is nowhere to be seen.

Well, you’re still having fun. The story seems to be interesting and the game mechanics seem to be pretty immersive.  But wait, what’s this that you see……?

Did you screen just stutter? You’re on 60 FPS. So where did that stutter come from?

I’ll save you the investigative time. It’s your own PC. Your system may be top notch but the current generation of games demand more than a regular gamer usually owns. It’s not about you using an Intel or AMD nor is it because of you using an Nvidia or Radeon GPU. It’s just because of what the games demand.

With the growing amount of detail in every game; there seems to be a slight difference in the performance the current generation C.P.U.s & G.P.U.s and what the current generation of games require to actually provide the level of detail and the seamless frame rendering that you saw in the gameplay trailers.

I know it seems like a nasty blow. But all hope is not lost (YET).

The good people at Ant-PC had given me two solutions to this problem. Either I can drop another 15-20K on a new processor, plus 30 for a new GPU another 10-15 on RAM and then another 15 on a motherboard.


I could consider overclocking my system and getting a cooling solution.


The second one got me into thinking. How could overclocking help my cause????

I was quiet curious to know what I could do to prolong the impending doom of my now previous generation PC. Obviously I went with the latter.

With overclocking you can actually avoid spending big bucks on a new configurations or hardware. You can get at least 6 more months worth of an extension for running current gen games before your PC becomes completely obsolete.

Even tough my device was out of warranty; the people at Ant-PC were more than willing to walk me through the process. Step by step they talked me thru the whole procedure. It did get a little confusing but it’s worth the research.

By the time I was done tinkering with the bios settings; I could see the difference in performance. The boot time was quicker. I crossed my fingers and went ahead to run the game; and I was not disanointed. The performance was actually better. The people at Ant-PC actually knew what they were talking about.

Rather being stuck with a bill which could have been up to 75K; I was able to unlock my PC’s performance. The only additional cost that I had to put in was the additional water cooling system that took me back by just 6K. I would say that overclocking a PC is a great cost effective way to get better performance out of your device. Just keep in mind that this will cause your PC to have a heating problem. So be sure to use a water cooling system or a very good air cooling system to keep the temperature in check.